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No Dr. Phil hockey

Apparently there is some whining going on regarding the fact that hockey is the only sport which actually has rules for fighting, and Razor explains, as only Razor can, why this is such a good thing:

Baseball would have more fights than it already does (which by the way is on par if not exceeding the number in hockey) if the runner had to face a base guarded by a player with a bat. And since I'm on the subject, just stop with the bench-emptying stare downs when a pitcher throws a ball near a batters noggin'. Either throw-down or sit-down.

Football would be a fight-filled extravaganza if each guy packed a club and the game was played in an arena (Hey, wait a minute. They do play in arenas in the appropriately named Arena League. Oh, that's right, they pad the boards for the big tough footballers.)

Basketball? Well we saw last year that it doesn't take more than a flagrant foul and a cup of beer to send players into fight club mode. At least hockey has the brains to thank its fans and beat each other up rather than the other way around. Again, give the players a foreign object, a cage around the court and a 'no blood no foul' governance, and I'll show you some lanky, bomb-throwing fisticuffs. [Emphasis added. --R]