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Felines Cole and Marmalade Demonstrate How Best To Disturb A Human Who Works From Home

You know what my dog does when I’m in my home office? Lies on and warms my feet. #useful



God help me, I’m posting a funny cat video.

Found at Scientific American.

The minions of Lucifer are so damn cute when they’re tiny. This is precisely how they are able to infiltrate our lives. Laugh, my friends, but beware…



This is cat battle armor. It is made by someone called sschnabuble, who is selling it on Etsy..

For real.

Now you can dress your minion of Satan to look the part!





“iwill climb on top of you in the night and settle like a tiny rain cloud”

we need more of these, who makes these? can I commission more. Need more. 


The part that had me laughing the most was the bottom one. That is my life. Every. Night.