For my Christmas-celebrating people: Possibly my favorite “O Holy Night,” the one from Studio 60.

I love “O Holy Night” as much for the words as the melody- the vision of the chains of oppression breaking, of real, meaningful equality in the kingdom of God, the hope that we can indeed live together in love and peace. If Advent is about hope in darkness, then “O Holy Night” is the vision of what we hope for.

I think this version manages to convey all that without the words, which is why I post it every year.

This is why I enjoyed Studio 60.

One of my favorite moments of television EVER.



Tiny Vintage Arcade Machine Christmas Tree Ornaments Built Using LEGO by Chris McVeigh



Wrapping gifts? Use the force! Download free printable gift tags and have a very Vader Christmas!


What I’m doing with my Christmas present. on Flickr.

Pretty much the best Christmas ever.



Studio 60 O Holy Night (by Oceandreams313)

Look, I get it, not everyone liked Studio 60. It wasn’t as even or as steady as West Wing, and for that it was (unjustly) pilloried. But, if there’s one hour of it that you should watch it’s “The Christmas Episode” if just for this scene, in its whole context.

Follow it up with Pahrump. Trust me.

My wife and I watched Studio 60 and were disappointed when it was cancelled. This is easily the scene I remember most, and I would have to say is my favorite of the short-lived series.