Last night was another great show by @TheDollyrots! If you ever get the chance to see them, I highly recommend it. Just a fun pop-punk show.

My niece-by-choice Tori put her considerable art skills to work with a drawing she did of Kelly and Luis, which they both loved. And have you ever been chased down by the lead singer of a band to sign her jacket? Tori has.

This band’s appreciation of its fans continues to amaze me. Go see them!

Hey-ho, hey-ho, hey-ho! We’re heading out to @TheDollyrots punk rock show!

On the way to the @Rangers game with my sweetie & some friends. First time we’ll be seeing the new ballpark, and first time I get to see @tweetgrubes in a few years!

Brent Spiner in the role that made him famous.


the best moment in tv history

Now I have to go hunt up the video, because I laughed so hard at just these, I began to cough.


Via Betsy Langowski by way of Eric Blair.


Children of the ‘80s, you may have to explain this one to the younger generations.


(via This Is Microsoft’s Best Product Of CES, Hands Down! [CES 2012] | Cult of Mac)


Pretty much sums it all up.

Best car commercial ever. EVER.

Mucho gracias to friend Joshua for posting this on Facebook.

Jesus loves dinner time

Tonight at the dinner table, Samuel decided it was time to do a little singing.

Jesus loves dinner time from Chris Turner on Vimeo.

It's Almost Game Time, Tigers!

We're off to the 75th Cotton Bowl today. GEAUX TIGERS!!!

If I could only bottle the innate cuteness...

If I could only bottle the innate cuteness...

I would be richer than Gates or Buffett.

LEGO Star Wars: Bombad Bounty

Makes me laugh every time I watch it. My boys and I love it. (Make sure you choose the 720 HD version.)

Davis: "That's funny."
Samuel: "Again!" (And again, and again, and again, and again...)

Ben Kenobi: Private Jedeye

Yeah, it's been floating around the Interwebs for a while now, but it's still great.



Get well soon, Charlie.

Because: "That's how you do it, son."

(I love the little point with the breadstick at the end. My favorite part.)

Experience Mobile Mobile

Experience Mobile Mobile from James Théophane Jnr on Vimeo.

Partners in crime

Partners in crime

Davis and Samuel having fun on the backyard play set.


Featuring my all-time favorite Muppet:

Via Brent, who gave me a very appreciated laugh by telling me about it last night.

Because it'll make you smile

"I am on a mission"

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs:

Will you write on a tablet, or just read from it? Or will you just buy it and put it on your desk and look at it a lot and never use it at all? Or will you maybe carry it around and put on the table in restaurants to show the other humanoids in your tribe that you are more advanced and wealthy than they are, and they should fear you because you have powerful magic that they do not understand? You see what I mean? What is the anthropology here? And what about the ergonomics? Can you mount it on a wall? Will it have a shiny surface so that Macolytes can adore themselves as they use it in public? (Yes. It must.) The tablet must look and feel not like something that was made by man -- it must feel otherworldly, as if God himself made it and handed it to you. I'm so glad Fake Steve came back.

Requiem For A Day Off

MC Vader

This is about a dozen kinds of awesome:

[Via Brent, who's still ticked off about the Nirvana/Rick Astley mash-up. ;-)]

Because I know it will drive Brent bonkers

Brilliant mash-up.