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A Guideā€™s Eye View, by Philip Field.

His caption: Two mountain guides direct a helicopter into land high in the Swiss Alps on top of Mt. Gond. I took this shot whilst shooting an extreme ski and snowboard competition - the Nendaz Freeride FWQ. I had been dropped just before on the peak and with the permission of the guides cowered down behind them to capture this shot when the remaining supplies were delivered. My lens took a bit of a battering and I could only hold myself in position properly for a few seconds as the rush of snow debris was insane at this point.

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Helicopter Pilot Chuck Aaron Performs a Series of Incredible Aerobatic Tricks


(If you are easily motion sick, a warning that there are some cockpit POV shots that may induce, well, those unpleasant feelings.)



Cobra Helicopter at Sunrise


City Skyline by United States Marine Corps Official Page on Flickr.