He got lost in is own museum.

I was never a Star Wars kid. I was an Indiana Jones kid.

Probably the best scene of the best Indiana Jones movie.




Anything Goes

No time for love, Doctor Jones.

Because it’s Indiana Jones, that’s why.

If I wrote a story about an apprentice-wizard farmboy, an old wizard, a princess, a pirate, a dark knight and a talking bear, and there’s a dark castle and a mission to save the princess, the audience reaction to it is going to be based on how well executed the story is, not on how tired people might think the common plot elements are. Done wrong, it’s some bit of horrible pulp that rots on an assistant editor’s floor. Done right, it’s Star Wars.

Jim Butcher.

Just a reminder that it’s the story that matters, people. So, yes, count me in on Lucasfilm + Disney. Because maybe, just maybe, the movie of Colonel Indiana Jones of the OSS gets made now.

(via tbridge)

I have money ready to spend RIGHT NOW on such a film.