Loving Longmire

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BTW - have you been watching the show Longmire? Anxious for your thoughts, as I find the show entrancing.

Yes, I’ve been watching the show. It started when we were in Florida for vacation last month, so I had to get caught up a couple of weeks later. I had actually started the first book in the series a couple of weeks prior to vacation, but it was the third book in my then reading queue and didn’t get much attention. Since the series began, and my interest piqued, it’s been getting the number-one slot.

I think they’ve done a superb job with the show, especially the cast, though it’s very interesting picking out all the differences between book and television. For one, in the book, Vic is olive-skinned and dark-haired, but Katie Sackoff nails the character otherwise, in my opinion. The Ferg isn’t quite the doofus portrayed on the show, and there is no “Branch” Connolly. (He goes by Turk, and as of the first book, isn’t running against Longmire.) While the show doesn’t go into the backgrounds the way a book can, Lou Diamond Phillips is a perfect choice for Henry.

If you’re liking the show, I highly recommend the first book (since that’s the only one I’ve done any reading in thus far).