The struggle is real.…

What I really want is a mechanical-key version of Logitech’s Ergo K860.

‘A.I. Will Be Totally Great For Humanity,’ Says Man Who Has Never Read A Sci-Fi Novel…

In the last 22 hours, I have:

  • flown 860 miles from Texas to North Carolina
  • drove through 4 states (NC, SC, GA, AL)
  • spent the night near my parents' old home in AL
  • drove through 4 states (AL, MS, LA, TX), having lunch with my parents in MS, for a total of 1,002 miles


Going to drive the college boy back home for the summer.

Major Security Breakthrough In Star Wars Universe With Invention Of Door That Does Not Open If You Just Shoot The Control Panel…

Wild fans booing their team off the ice at the end of the second period.

State of hockey? It ain’t Minnesota.

#LetsGoStars #TexasHockey

“It is better for me to die than to live,” said Job at the end of the performance, much to his friends' disappointment. 🤣…

Happy new @thedollyrots music day, everyone! New single, “Still Holding On,” has dropped:…

And 2023 tour dates announced!

Is it, though?

Leave it to a homicidal weather AI to overreact. It wasn’t that gloomy here today,

Loving this neat lyric video from Lux Studio for my favorite Barren Cross song:…

Always a great night to beat the Red Wings, especially in Detroit.

And Joe Pavelski becomes the 11th U.S.-born player to reach 1,000 career points, with a characteristic tip-in goal!

#LetsGoJoe #LetsGoStars

Yeah, I’m not so much with the pretending, though.

The name of my next mariachi-fusion punk band is Incomplete Burrito.

(Which came out of my team’s staff meeting today.)

App update notes I can get behind.

Yet another insane example of outrageous government overreach.…

For what it’s worth, readers of Rob Kroese’s Codex Babylon, Wytch Hazel’s album III: Pentecost is some excellent music to have on while reading, with its heraldic imagery of knights, and the Spirit’s fight against the forces of darkness. Both are highly recommended: Book:… 📚 Music:… 🎸

Sweet! New music coming from Wytch Hazel!…

I noticed both Knocked Up and Juno are making the rounds on the HBOs this month, and wow, it’s been 16 years since Hollywood gave us arguably the most pro-life mainstream movies this century.

With his goal tonight, Joe Pavelski is 8 points away from being the 10th U.S.-born #NHL player with 1,000 career points. And still the 3rd period to play. #LetsGoJoe #LetsGoStars

“All the demons I know are in middle management,” Martin said. —Robert Kroese, Codex Babylon

I instantly thought of The Screwtape Letters.

Just as with the signature credits of the Avengers in Endgame, so too do I get a little verklempt with the signatures at the end of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, aka, the last Star Trek movie made.

Reposted by my sister on Facebook. Original caption:

“Odin has really gotten into Casual Fridays. (Or maybe it’s Casual Wednesdays [Wōdnesdæg])”

Having listened to the latest Wildman & Steve podcast with guest Bryan Duncan, I’ve decided the name of my next Christian punk band is going to be “Antagonistic Devotions.”…