“When You Walk,” from last year’s Q.A.R., shows that Kerry Livgren and Greg X. Volz still have their fastballs, both aging like a great whiskey. Love this song.…

Finished Joel Rosenberg’s latest last night, finally completing his Marcus Ryker series I began in mid-April. Stellar books, definitely recommended.

Immediately began Don Bentley’s penultimate foray into the Ryanverse. πŸ“š

Because my sister knows they’re my jam, she sends me this.

No other words for it. That was just flat-out embarrassing. Champions definitely do not wear gold on this Sunday.

Let’s rally for the final game tomorrow, Tigers! #ForeverLSU

“Gotta support the team.”

Champions wear gold on Sundays.

Let’s close this out, LSU baseball!

#GeauxTigers #LSU

For those following along via RSS: I will be decoupling as the domain for my site (explanation forthcoming). I’m not sure how that may affect the RSS feed, so be advised. And thanks for continuing to read!

Oh look, it me.

Well, if anyone needs a good (sports, kinda) cry:…

(Using reader view in Brave routed around paywall graphic for me.)

The only thing I can think after the Austin-to-Dallas drive is, “Why are people?”

Purely from an alliteration aesthetic viewpoint, the Michigan and Pittsburgh @USFL teams should swap nicknames. Michigan Maulers and Pittsburgh Panthers both sing.

You know why I still pay for TV through Frontier & run it all through my TiVo? Because streaming live sports absolutely sucks.

Watching LSU-OSU on ESPN+. Crews hits a 2-run homer. I rewind & pause so my wife can see it. Every time I press play, the stream COMPLETELY STARTS OVER.

Disappointing on many levels, but so far as I’m concerned, the definitive ending of The Punisher happened with the incredible run by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads. #RIPFrankCastle…

It’s as if no one has ever read every sci-fi story written about AI, nor watched every movie made about same.…

My wish for #WWDC2023 is if I get a voice mail on my iPhone, I actually have the voice mail available before or at the same time as the transcribed text message, instead of hours or days later.

And in today’s metal mailbag, new Wytch Hazel music! And classics from Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Bride, and Petra, thanks to Girder Music’s sale.

The struggle is real.…

What I really want is a mechanical-key version of Logitech’s Ergo K860.

‘A.I. Will Be Totally Great For Humanity,’ Says Man Who Has Never Read A Sci-Fi Novel…

In the last 22 hours, I have:

  • flown 860 miles from Texas to North Carolina
  • drove through 4 states (NC, SC, GA, AL)
  • spent the night near my parents' old home in AL
  • drove through 4 states (AL, MS, LA, TX), having lunch with my parents in MS, for a total of 1,002 miles


Going to drive the college boy back home for the summer.

Major Security Breakthrough In Star Wars Universe With Invention Of Door That Does Not Open If You Just Shoot The Control Panel…

Wild fans booing their team off the ice at the end of the second period.

State of hockey? It ain’t Minnesota.

#LetsGoStars #TexasHockey

“It is better for me to die than to live,” said Job at the end of the performance, much to his friends' disappointment. 🀣…

Happy new @thedollyrots music day, everyone! New single, “Still Holding On,” has dropped:…

And 2023 tour dates announced!

Is it, though?