The Apple Music algorithm for the extended playlist after I finished Whitesnake’s “The Rock Album” has been fantastic today. Absolutely kick-butt.

Foreigner’s “Juke Box Hero” came up during random play in Apple Music, and because I am a dad with boys, this song became “Juice Box Hero” for us a long time ago, and that’s still what I hear when I listen to this song.

It is an utter travesty that reviewers, and audiences, panned Guy Ritchie’s “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”

I just finished watching it for the first time, and I’m a fan. Deserves a sequel or two.

Thanks to my Twitter pal Trevor for carrying that torch. He convinced me.

Coming in at the wire, but T. R. Hendricks' “The Instructor” is my third finished read of the month. Solid debut in the action thriller genre. Readers, you will not be disappointed. πŸ“š Comes out April 11th:…

The best thing about the State Farm Andy Reid commerical is the throwing of the marker. Makes me smile or chuckle every time.

Treated my basketball player to a treat after he played a good game. Photo courtesy of Stops, new camera app currently in beta.

Oswald Chambers said, “A fanatic is one who entrenches himself in invincible ignorance.”

That’s certainly true of a lot of people on social media, and our larger nation.

Viewing advisory comes up at the beginning of Jack Ryan, season 3, episode 6: “Violence, smoking, foul language”

I’m really glad they’re on top of the smoking thing. πŸ™„

Look, Tony Romo may genuinely be a nice guy. I don’t know, never met him.

But he sucks as a color commentator. He does not know how to SHUT. UP.

Dude, you’ve been doing this for like a minute. Take a breath, be quiet, and let the guy who’s been calling games nearly as long as you’ve been alive do his job.

I’m muting the TV again.

I wasn’t sure if Don Bentley would be about to unseat The Outside Man as my favorite Matt Drake novel with Forgotten War, but he certainly did so and then some. Wow. Definitely one to pick up in April, thriller readers! πŸ“š…

I’ll be the guy that says it:

Don’t tell me Walker Howard and Jack Bech are guys who loved LSU. If they loved it as much as they and others proclaimed, they wouldn’t have transferred. And one to our mortal enemy school, no less.

I’m all for guys doing what’s best for them, but don’t gaslight me on how much they loved the school they left.

Myles Brennan’s example casts a long shadow for me. Would that it do so for others.

What sorcerous abomination is this?!?…

You know, I could really use a @gluon for macOS…

Props to Mike Tirico, rocking that quarter-zip under the suit jacket with the button-up and tie. I would never have thought that would be a sharp look, but he’s totally pulling it off. #SNF

Rockin' old school today, both in terms of music and the throwback iOS interface thanks to Zhenyi Tan’s Medley.

There has been what I hope will be a temporary change to my iPhone home screen.

Yes, the Twitter iOS app sucks so bad, I spent $12 on the third-party client everyone said was still working, on the hope my credentials would work with it.

So far, so good.

Actually, if all the esteemed members of our government would watch those, they might learn a lot about what they shouldn’t be doing……

Finished my first read of the new year, and it’s Connor Sullivan’s Wolf Trap, which comes out on March 14th. Connor has deftly wrapped an action thriller inside a political thriller, and somehow managed to one-up his debut, Sleeping Bear. Both highly recommended! πŸ“š

Michigan was all β€œWe’re going to bring the Big 10 to the Big 12” and the exact opposite has happened. #LetsGeauxFrogs

I love that the expression on his face is “I’ve been Photoshopped on to what now?”…

I remain baffled that a university named Bowling Green does not include green as a color in their school colors/athletic uniforms.

You have to love spammers.

“Your devices are temporarily locked.”

Really? How on earth am I reading this, then?

Again, if you’re going to give the metal treatment to a classic American spiritual, I cannot imagine a better outcome than 3 Days Under’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.”

Absolutely awesome.…

The only thing better than the Dallas Stars shutting out Ovechkin was winning the contest.

What. A. Game, Otter!!


Alright, since Apple broke the noise cancelation in the AirPods Pro, is there anything better for the same price out there?