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Discovering the Kimberley. A taster of the forthcoming documentary. from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Edit originally created for my C300 Canon presentation in Seoul but has now become a little teaser of the full documentary that I am currently editing..

The documentary is about this incredible boat trip to one of the most remote but beautiful parts of Australia, focusing on key people who have made the trip including Mike Fletcher, my friend and filmmaker who acts almost as a guide to the journey, Wally & Bev, a couple who are terminally ill and making one last trip together as a couple…

It’s a beautiful awe inspiring journey but very grounded in real people and real stories.

This is not a commercial project but a passion film for me.

Original edit by Sarah Estela with additional work by myself.

Shot on the C300. Damn that camera gives you good looking pics!

Music is from Crimson Wing by The Cinematic Orchestra

Thanks to Mike Fletcher!